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Who Am I?

My name is Roman Stadler. In 1966 I was born in Austria, where I grew up.

There I completed my apprenticeship in hotel management with focus on kitchen and service.

Thanks to my training, I was able to work on cruise ships worldwide in different positions. For the last few years as a hotel manager.

What am I doing?

As a hotel manager and trained chef, I have always attached great importance to hygiene, clean work and practical solutions.

That is why I am now acting as an intermediary between buyer and seller. My main focus is on hygiene products that are required worldwide.

As a cosmopolitan and interested person, I am also fascinated by innovative technologies. That’s why I also offer a few selected products from this area.

How did I get to my company?

After I was always able to help friends with advice and occasionally arrange sales, I decided to do the brokerage job.

My entry into global business was made easier for me through my excellent contacts. They enable me to always find a solution for my customers.

That helps me with optimal advice and mediation between buyer and seller.

What am I offering?

My focus is on advice and mediation in the hygiene area. Gloves, masks and disposable aprons are among my most important products.

What is important to me?

Detailed advice and fair business for my customers are just as important to me as prompt delivery of the goods.

All over the world, I make sure that my customers receive theirs products quickly and easily. Because from my years of activity as a hotel manager on ships, I know that nothing is more important than customer satisfaction.

The most important this is to respond to the customer and always have an open ear for you. This is the only way to find good, fast and reliable solutions to your concern.

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